Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bonus post.

1) This is a very interesting article about another kind of emotional labor, right here in NYC, with interesting connections to the idea of status and social class. What do you think?

when i read this article, it is a pretty sad story about immigrant workers. How hard to touch stranger's body for doing the waxing. even it is working, it required an emotional work and workers feel like salve and physical volunteers.. many immigrants who do not speak English treat like this. how can we solve theses kind of problems for them. they receive low wages and feel like salve for customers. it is so sad and i hope that they should be a reasonable payment from store. even though they work hard , they did not receive the enough money. Their working store take off the 40% commission from the owner. they even work for 11 and 12 hours even they did not have a break time for nail worker and expose a toxic manicure products. I think that society is not fair for everyone. however, we should try to keep their right on the society as various ways. improving the wages... or reasonable treatments...


I think that global economy related to all other countries . All of the countries help each other and they pursue benefits for their country. Moreover, there is gap between the poor country and rich country because world is an capitalistic. when i think about the my work...I have a part time job as waitress. it offers services to customers to carry the food. if we do not work for custoemrs, it is pretty difficult to manage restaurant. I also use lots of services through the restaurant, movie theater and stores. all of the products and services which we are using in any places made from other countries or our country. specially, Flim "Madi Gras Made in China" shows about the Global economy. every countries is not the same wealth so some countries are very rich and another country is very poor. For instance, American consider to the most powerful country in the world and they are using lots of workers in china because labors wage is very cheap. Thus, there are many manufactureres in china and make products which became to be using in other countries. so, workers in china have to devoted their labors to make the products to make the money. However, they abused their labors becuase they even work so hard ,they do not receive lots of money.. I think that we can not change the our capitalisim economy but we have to give a reasonable treatments to labors.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interview qestions and Research Qustions-

I'm going to change my mind so I'm going to interview my co-worker who is working as waitress..
she has been working as waitress for 2 year ..
1. why did you start this working?
2. How many hours are you standing when you work?
3. when do you want to quit the working?
4. what is the most difficult things when you work?
5.Have you ever make problems with customers?
6.what kind of feeling do you have in your job status?
7. what did you learn from your wokring?

Research Questions?
what is the most hardship in the serviece labors?
what are the damages that emotional labors can cause on its workers?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

#3 working by gender

women and men. I think that gender influeces in their job because society still has a discrimination between the women and men. Traditionally, women considered as house wives and mother while men considerd taking care of whole family. Moreover, women even is very hard to get the promotion in thier job becasue soceity is very conservative. However, thesedays, society has changed in various fields. Women wants to improve the their life style through the self- realization. it means that they are struggleing with the their rights and are trying to challenge against with a conception of soceity about the women.. So,women acheived the their rights on the society and we can see that many career women in the society. Anymore, women is not staying home all day . Gender might be influeced in their work fileds in the past but presently we cannot shaped the work area by gender because women has the same abliity like men.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My currently work...

I'm working in east villageas as waistress at the japanese restaurant.. it is a my part time job. I'm working on tuseday,thursay,and friday. I always have to arrive at 4pm on time because we have to set up everything for customer. it divided into two parts that one person has to set up on the table and other person has to set up inside .when i start work,i usually clean the table with a small towl to delete stain of soy source and then put the napkin, soy source and chopstick. My working place is like a big cafeteria that has 50 tables and all of color is light brown. In the beginnig , we take the time about one 1 hours for cleaning and setting . After this one, we have a dinner with coworkers and owenr because restaurant is not busy untill 7 o,clock . Atmosphere of my woking place usually seems to like family. C0-wokers are very kind and they care of me. Even though my work is hard for me, i enjoy woking.