Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bonus post.

1) This is a very interesting article about another kind of emotional labor, right here in NYC, with interesting connections to the idea of status and social class. What do you think?

when i read this article, it is a pretty sad story about immigrant workers. How hard to touch stranger's body for doing the waxing. even it is working, it required an emotional work and workers feel like salve and physical volunteers.. many immigrants who do not speak English treat like this. how can we solve theses kind of problems for them. they receive low wages and feel like salve for customers. it is so sad and i hope that they should be a reasonable payment from store. even though they work hard , they did not receive the enough money. Their working store take off the 40% commission from the owner. they even work for 11 and 12 hours even they did not have a break time for nail worker and expose a toxic manicure products. I think that society is not fair for everyone. however, we should try to keep their right on the society as various ways. improving the wages... or reasonable treatments...


  1. Your are totally right. Society moght be unfair, but we can change situations little by little. Also I believe they can do anything what ever they want.

  2. It is true that immigrant workers suffer alot in their work places! As for the employers, they should try to improve the working environment!!I believe that there should be some organization like union to protect the immigrant workers and provide them better working condition!

  3. that's the biggest problem of immigrants coz they don't speak out and allow other people
    and their employer to abuse them. it's really hard to be in their situation.